Toroweap Point Sunset, Grand Canyon National Park

100% All Natural Gourmet Grass-Fed Beef

Free of Hormones, Antibiotics and Pesticides

Produced on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon... Flavored by the High Mountain Pastures of Southern Utah

St. George, Utah.

Grass Fed Beef
Grass Fed Beef

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Cattle Genetics - Red Devon

Bar 10 has been all over the country and to different parts of the world in search of genetics that have been protected. Meaning they haven’t been manipulated and forced to eat corn or anything else contrary to their evolutionary diet. The Red Devon is a heritage breed from Devonshire England. We needed a cow that was adaptable, docile, and extremely efficient on grass alone. We continue to improve these genetics today.

Bar 10 Red Devon Heifers

Soil Health - Life Sustaining

Passionate farmers and ranchers with the vision of a better and healthier world understand that the basic foundation of all life is really about one thing: microbiology. One gram of healthy soil can contain over 5 billion microbes. We started out as ranchers who came across the country to settle an untamed landscape in the 1800’s and over the past 5 generations we’ve become soil biologists. As we strive to do it right, all natural, we’ve seen a direct correlation in the efficiency, quality of life and nutrient levels in the beef.

Green grass panorama isolated on white background

Healthy Soil = Healthy Grasses = Healthy Cows = Healthy Humans = Healthy Society = Brighter Future

Peace of Mind - Our Family to Yours

A typical beef cow, over its short lifetime, changes hands between approximately 8 owners and travels roughly 1400 miles. By the time it reaches your local grocery store it is hard to know where that beef comes, how it was handled and what it was injected with or fed. When you purchase Bar 10 Beef, you can rest assured that it was raised here in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona by one Ranch, Bar 10. We have handled that animal for its entire lifetime. Our cattle are always handled humanely. They are never given hormones, growth-promoting additives, or antibiotics. P1170043

The Bar 10 Beef Family

100% All Natural Gourmet Grass-Fed Beef

Free of Hormones, Antibiotics and Pesticides.
Produced on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon… Flavored by the High Mountain Pastures of Southern Utah

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Bar 10 Beef Presentations

The purpose of these presentations is to help people begin to think differently about their food. To understand that all tomatoes are not created equal, just like not all beef is created equal. Kelly Heaton, owner of Bar 10 Beef and force behind the “new old direction” approach of direct marketing explains why Bar 10 decided to connect directly with our customers by cutting out the middle men and how it’s taught us over the past 10 years what it really takes to produce a truly gourmet, life sustaining product. These presentations are valuable and free to anyone who wants to join:) Events are held at customers homes upon request to them and their friends and family!


Good Soil, Good Almonds.

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Weekend Thoughts - Power of Transparency

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I’ve gained more muscle, seen more gains, and felt way healthier after finding Bar 10 Beef! I’ve quit using all supplements. Bar 10 Beef is my source of protein, vitamins, minerals and more.

Brandon AlexanderCrossFit Las Vegas

Thank you for your commitment to raising and providing my family with grass-fed cattle. It is the only beef we now eat here in Vegas.

Jeff JohnsVegas Food Coop

Your Beef is magical, none finer. Beef is in the crock pot . . . can hardly wait! Will let you know and stay in touch. Beautiful Folks and Amazing Company!

Stace SharpSt. George, UT.

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