Grass Fed Beef
Grass Fed Beef


Once our animals have reached their optimum weight, they are processed in a humane and low-stress facility.

Our beef isDry-Aged anywhere from 14 to 21 days providing you with a gourmet product that is only found in high-end restaurants and custom butcher shops, this in not beef that you will find at your local grocery store.

All Natural, Grass Fed Beef

Bar 10 Beef offers Gourmet All Natural Grass Fed Beef that is free of hormones, antibiotics and pesticides. At the Bar 10 Ranch, our cattle graze on 250,000 acres of open range. Once selected for our beef program, they are taken to our grass farm where they are turned out to graze on a wide variety of high-quality grasses. The end result is delicious, healthy, nutritious beef from our family to yours.

Peace of Mind

A typical beef cow, over its short lifetime, changes hands between approximately 8 owners and travels roughly 1400 miles. By the time it reaches your local grocery store it is hard to know where that beef comes from and how it was handled. When you purchase Bar 10 Beef, you can rest assured that it was raised here in Southern Utah and Northern Arizona. We have handled that animal for its entire lifetime. Our cattle are always handled humanely. They are never given hormones, growth-promoting additives, or antibiotics.

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